Top 10 safest neighborhoods around Redding

Safe Neighborhood Checklist

_____Property Upkeep? Even if the neighborhood  is  full of modest, older homes, the yards and  exteriors should indicate pride of ownership.

_____Are the properties around it similar?Are residential homes mixed with commercial buildings or mobile homes?  Do any of the homes have poorly built additions?

_____Has property been red flagged for illegal growing? Tends to make a property at risk for unwanted visitors in the future. This has become a problem for safety in Redding and surrounding areas.

_____Foot traffic of the homeless has become a problem in Shasta County.  Can people walk to the house from downtown?

_____Is neighborhood mostly owner occupied or rentals? if a property is not owner-occupied  it has a higher risk of not being well cared for.  Look for signs such as one house having a lot of cars parked outside can sometimes mean it is a rental.

_____Visit at all hours.  Are there dogs that bark all day long? Do neighbors host raucous parties on weekends? If you can’t get to the area during the week, have a trusted friend do some surveillance for you.

_____Are their a lot of for sale signs and vacant buildings?  Absent neighbors and empty buildings can also bring down property values.   Stores that have gone out of business  do not reflect a growing community. Vacant buildings encourage a variety of  activities that you do not want in your neighborhood.

_____Talk to a neighbor or someone walking in the neighborhood. Ask them what kind of people  live there, the street traffic or any other burning questions you may have. If you can’t grab a neighbor, talk to the mail carrier.  A local mail carrier will be able to give you his or her sense of the neighborhood.

_____Google the street address and street name.Do online research.

_____Check out parks in the area. The appearance of a park can tell you a lot about a neighborhood. Parks are among the most telling signs of the condition of a neighborhood.

_____Neighborhood pets? Bad neighbors might also ignore their pets.  Is there a lot of barking? Are they tied up outside, or in a small fenced area? Do they look like they're taken care of, or are they being neglected?

_____Google street view the address to get a feel for neighborhood before doing a driveby to check it out.

_____Call Erin (515-6116) . Realtors have access to lots of neighborhood info. Visit my website for more tips.

_____Meghans law research?

Living in the same neighborhood as registered sex offenders and other criminals can drive down the value of a home.

_____Look up crime stats (links below)


Top 10 safest Neighborhoods

1.Big Bend/ Montgomery Creek
2. Shasta / French Gulch
3.Blackfoot Trl/ Sonora Tr.
5. Alpha Ln. / Portrero Dr.
6.Mountain Gate
7. Simpson U/ College View Dr.
8.Airport Rd. / Churn Creek Rd.
9. Old Oregon Trl. / Collyer Dr.
10. Keswick



Click here for Redding crime map

How to find a safe neighborhood in Rdding Ca? Click to see what crimes have happened in that neighborhoo
How to find a safe neighborhood in Redding Ca? Click on picture to see what crimes have happened in that neighborhood


Click on picture to see neighborhood crime stats.
Free printable safety checklist
Free printable safety checklist
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